Customized service is seen as the factor of success for future projects. Our engineering and construction specialists manage the complexity of modern plant systems and meet constantly increasing demands in planning, installation, support of electronic and ventilation equipment, provision of energy and heating and sanitary facilities. If required, we plan and implement all related construction work with our building industry and architecture team. We have substantial experience in building renovation and adaptation projects in which we place great importance on retrofitting new technical equipment perfectly into the existing structure.

Construction Consulting is hereby seen as particularly important in developing functional and economical solutions. Interface-free project management, smooth and uninterrupted project organisation and facility management are key figures of our holistic planning concept. Utilization of these synergies gains an increase in added value. It is the interdisciplinary expertise and experience of our team that helps generate the high levels of customer satisfaction for which out company is renowned. The specialists manage the complexity of modern plant systems and meet constantly increasing demands.

Highly qualified and multilingual process engineering experts of our engineering division supports industrial companies and serves plant operators in all technical areas. The aim is to generate technical and competitive advantages through the use of innovative and energy optimized process technology in order to achieve customized energy-efficient and sustainable projects outcomes. Our service does not only include the assessment of the existing plant technology and the entire professional system integration but also the licensing management support.