Ludwig Beck
Planning and execution
    Renovation of fire-protection infrastructure
300 fire dampers
Main contractor
    Smoke control system of Bundesbank branch in Munich
120.000 m3/h
Main contractor
  Restoration of theatre
360 seats
Main contractor
    Photovoltaic system
27 kWp
Planning and execution
roof control

30.000 m3/h

Main contractor

  Augustinum retirement home
Roof and Facade Refurbishment
Overall planning and coordination
Ventilation and air conditioning VAC for 3 locations
Planning, execution, commissioning
    Rehabilitation of drinking water supply
600 tabs
Main contractor
  Auxiliary power unit
1.000 kVA

Main contractor

    Central cooling plant Bayerischer Rundfunk
2,1 MW cooling capacity
Electrical installation
    Advanced LED-technology
3300 points of light
Planning and execution
  Smoke control system of underground parking/
ventilation for residences

175.000m3/h and 550


    C & A Rosenheim
drinking water separation system

Planning, execution, commissioning


Chilled water unit with thermal mass

34 kW cooling capacity

  Large conference hall of the city  Kempten
Media Technology
execution of work with special furniture
    Flats Gleißmüllerstraße Complete electrical installation work     Office Building ‚Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft’ Lighting and media technology